the vapour vault story....

at the end of 2017 we opened a small vape section in a barbers local to where i live and grew up, the section you can see below was quite small but only a stepping stone for what is to become of the woodford vape shop and progression into the vapour vault.

the popularity of our small section grew and so did our customer base. having our vape section at the back of a barber shop came with its own few small problems. and to tackle them the shop owner built us a section in the front of hes shop and from there the vapour vault was born.

but this is neither the beginning or the end of this story ...

if your interested in how the owner (calum) began the jouney into the ever growing vape industry feel free to pop in store and ask for the history book. becuase in this book we have ocumented every major event that has contributed to the becomming of vapour vault as you see us here today !!

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